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Beauty in Simplicity with AECP All About Layering - Lesson 2

Updated: Jun 7, 2021


I am over the moon to have been featured in Altenew's May blog post with this card. Please do check it out.

Seek Simplicity, Grasp the Essential

All About Layering

Lesson 2

Hello! After a long haul, I am finally jumping back to my Altenew AECP journey. This Corona hit year was time consuming & I feel lucky that my family is safe & healthy.

While getting hooked on to the beauty of simplicity, I am in love with these easy cards. Sometimes an unpretentious, well-balanced card can do much more than an over the top card. Don't you agree?

As before, I am following Nicloe's color palette.


Card Process Overview

Guidelines:- 2 step stamping, 2 dimensional, embellished, off center layout

For this clean and bold card I used Brush Art Floral stamp set from Altenew.

Nicole's color palette turned out to be the perfect choice and made the process so easy-peasy for me.

For the top card, I fussy cut the biggest flower & propped it up with foam tape. The project was also accentuated with pearls, which made such a difference.

The bottom card was just one dimensional, but nothing less than stunning.

On both my undemanding cards, different sentiments stamps were used.

India is a land of excesses, and it's tough to practice restrain.

Despite, I thoroughly enjoyed the difficultly of simplicity!

"Simplicity is the key to achieve extraordinary."


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