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Masked with AECP All About Layering - Lesson 3

Updated: May 13, 2021


All About Layering

Lesson 3

A card a day keeps the doctor away! Is true for any crafter, especially in India when we are in a Lockdown. I am so happy to have taken up this Altenew journey at this time. The whole process takes me into a meditative space.

While crafting with lesson 3, I was really reminded why I took up this course and why I want to start from the basics. It's not about showcasing my best, rather the journey and learning better form the mistakes. I have decided not to cover up the mistakes rather enjoy what they want to teach me.

As always, for the showcase project, I am following Niocle's color palette. I was pleasingly surprised to how well the blue dots complimented the purple flowers. I surely would have never used this combination.

The gallery section showcases my aesthetics using the class concepts. I hope you enjoy the makes as much as I have enjoyed crafting them.

Card Process Overview

Guidelines:- masking, cluster layout

For these cards I have used Altenew's Mini Delight: Poppy Stamp & Die Set. These monthly minis are very pocket friendly and extremely versatile. I particularly love this one because it looks fabulous when directly shaded with inks on the stamp.

For the showcase cards, Nicole's color palette was used. This stamps have very fine lines and the ink was spilling on to them. I corrected that with fine tip white ink pen. I was so happy with this trick as you cannot even it make out. The sentiments were from other Altenew stamp sets.

For the top card, a center layout(like Nicole's) was used. The dots stamps were from Altenew's Winter Cardinal Stamp Set. The sentiment strip was propped with dimensional foam tape and covered the gaps in between the stamps very well. While stamping this one I understood that during stamping a solid image it is important to put pressure on the stamp center. You can see my ink gaps on my flower because I was not mindful.

For the bottom card I used the same color combination. You can notice the stamping is far better because I consciously put even pressure. The dainty pearls looked beautiful.

Both the cards were mounted on a locally sourced pink glitter handmade paper. In India a lot of handmade paper is manufactured and is easily available.

For my gallery section I have crafted many different cards using the masking technique in warm colors. The gaps were filled with colored pencils, but could have been better.

Over all I was delighted with this mini delight!


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